Welcome To Ambitions Commerce Institute

Having 30 Years Experience

Ambitions Commerce Institute was established by Prof. Kaustubh Atre on 17th October 2001 on the auspicious day of Ghatasthapana. Ours is private tuition for a curriculum of Commerce, French, German, and Sanskrit.

The Tuitions were named “Ambitions”, as we are convinced, that education alone has the power to fulfill the aspirations of youth. College life is the age when the students get Ambitious. We insist that the knowledge gained will empower them to achieve their ambitions. Having Ambitions is to progress which is aptly reflected in the emblem of our tuitions. The tagline below the emblem shows our mental setup to share our knowledge with everybody as guided by Saint Samarth Ramdas.

We are unique in the way we have kept abreast with the new challenges in education and have responded to the changing needs of students.

While teaching, we focus more on explaining each subject in detail and also how to connect it to practical life. Once the foundation of the subject is strongly laid, the students can easily understand the subject, and yes they score too! We do not teach them to mug up the answers it will never help them in their professional life and examination.

Why Choose Us

Why are we special

  • Apt study material and notes.
  • Regular lectures.
  • Batches with convenient timings.
  • Homework checked regularly.
  • Syllabus ending well in advance with enough time to revise.
  • Solving several papers of past examinations to have confidence in the exam.

Our Vision and Mission

  • To aspire and strive for excellence in education
  • To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning methods.
  • To help the students achieve their true potential not merely in studies, but also in extracurricular activities, so that they can lead productive and responsible lives.

Our Strengths

  • Open door policy for the students, parents, and staff,
  • the commitment to education,
  • booklets designed to gain excellence,
  • a student-centered approach and an unbeatable ambiance.

Our Aim

  • To make students learn – how to learn
  • To prove to the students that learning can be fun
  • To show that learning is like a play
  • To teach that learning is a process and not a miracle