For std. 11th & 12th

– Offline Classroom Lectures
– Online Classes

For FY, SY, TY, B.Com, & BBA

– Online teaching video of lectures
– Live session of doubt clearing
– Tests as per demand from students & Parents

For CA Foundation & Intermediate

– Offline Classroom Lectures
– Online Classes (Live)


Ambitions Commerce Institute was established by Prof. Kaustubh Atre on 17th October 2001 on the auspicious day of Ghatasthapana. We provide private tuitions for a curriculum of Commerce, French, and German.

“Ambitions” has several major strengths:

  • Open door policy for our students, parents and staff,
  • Commitment to education,
  • Booklets designed to gain excellence,
  • A student-centered-approach and an unbeatable ambience.

Since 2001 our tuitions are doing continuous progress and growth. Ambitions started its expansion with the Branch at Kothrud.







Founder and Principal

Prof. Kaustubh Atre

Prof. Kaustubh Atre has a passion for teaching. He is known for making the subject easy for the students. He believes that once the basics of any subject are clear, the student becomes independent while studying.

Teaching since 1992 he has thousands of hours of experience. Many of his past students are working as qualified C.A., C.S., and C.W.A. as well as High-level Managers in reputed companies. In Ambitions, he teaches Accounts.


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    • Ishwari Malpekar

    Honestly, 2020 was the worst year for me, but the best thing happened in that year was getting to be a part of Ambitions family ♥️   After my 10th boards, I wasn't sure whether i should take Commerce or not, but i was definitely sure about one thing that if i take Commerce I am definitely joining Ambitions. To start with, Ambitions isn't just a coaching faculty but rather a place where we learn with enthusiasm, enjoy lectures with our favourite मास्तर 🤓 and create new bonds. The staff here is so supportive, coordinating and friendly that they really make education interesting. कोणताही पडलेला प्रश्न किंवा कोणतेही अडलेले गणित याचे solution मिळणार नाही असं होणारच नाही ! Since past 1 year, due to Covid19 we are attending lectures online, but there are still the same classroom vibes we get sitting in front of the laptop. InProspect Technologies - this portal made online lectures so less complicated that just through one click, we have the lectures or our complete academic analysis in front of us. Along with that, regular TESTS, discussing the problems, daily HW problems and so many things really made online learning  little less difficult. To conclude, I'd definitely say that i am truly blessed and grateful to be a part of this family. Thank You Kaustubh Sir and the entire team of Ambitions Commerce Institute 😇🙏🏻♥️

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    • Sanika Tilwankar

    I joined Ambition Institute in 2020 for 11th Std when pandemic was on the peak and this experience was new for everyone but still  Institute managed conducting online classes very well without any delay in the academic year. I attended a seminar conducted by the institute when I was in 9th Std and I received very good knowledge about the stream I was going to choose from then I had this institute in my mind. After 10th exams, there was a lot of delay in result which would have caused a great loss in academics hence I joined this Institute. They started the classes on time without delay and the whole syllabus was completed properly by each faculty. The College admission process started very late and till then the half of the syllabus was done properly in class with regular and proper tests on every topic. The College didn't even completed the syllabus nor taught properly due to shortage of time which caused a great loss of the students who didn't joined any classes. For those students Ambition conducted a separate batch so that they won't suffer for the delay caused. Each n every faculty in Ambition is very good and friendly to the students. They explain every doubt till you don't understand and make your basics very clear. They also attend your phone calls after the classes and also help you to choose your career path with proper guidance. I am sure you will also be of the same opinion.

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    • Aryan Patwardhan

    Ambitions was the place where the dispute between students and studies turns into a great friendship.we never felt bored in class, we always enjoy the class cause here, the teachers are friends and here our thinking is enhanced . We  never felt any burdon of studies, we never thought again for asking the doubt and sir explains in such a way that we dont need to take any tension a day before exam

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    • Riya Gujar

    It's been a year now of me being a part of Ambitions classes or I'd rather say Ambi family. Attending online classes was quite questionable at first but after joining Ambitions my perspective changed to the next level. The institute has set up an example that online classes can be equally fun and informative as offline lectures . I haven't enjoyed attending classes or have met such wonderful , skilled and helpful teachers before. I kinda joined late thinking college lectures are more than enough to learn (which was obviously wrong) but even after joining late Sir never rushed the portion and gave sufficient time and took efforts in teaching every topic . The institute uses a very user friendly portal for their lectures which provides lecture recordings and also option for uploading assignments. With the notes provided understanding becomes more and more easy due to a variation in type of questions than the regular state board book. Regular tests which are held are very helpful in gaining confidence about a certain topic. The most weird yet fun part is I started doing my homework on a regular basis like never before since I joined the class, suddenly homework started feeling cool and interesting. In all its worth having an learning, fun experience at Ambitions Institute. Nowadays if the mic doesn't work , I really feel I'm missing out on something and even that time I keep answering while knowing the fact nobody is listening to me.😂

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    • Sarvesh Baheti

    In Ambitions u not only study u enjoy the teaching.The method of teaching in ambition is very good.Notes are very useful.Online classes conducted very good,every concept is clear. Ambition is one of the best class ever!!! 😇